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The Fall of Allison Mack Is Still a Mystery

Allison Christin Mack professionally known as Allison Mack is the best-renowned actress of Smallville for ten seasons. Also, audiences are familiar with her appearance at FX series Wilfred. It is a group indicted for sex trafficking, forced labor, and blackmail. Curious enough to know if the arrested actress is married or still tangled in a dating relationship?

NXIVM group established as the self-help organization for needy and vulnerable people.

Actors: Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Cassidy Freeman, Sam Witwer; Format: NTSC, Subtitled; Language: French; Region: Region 1 (US and.

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Allison Mack

Boy, Samuel Witwer sure does give good genre. First he was pilot Crashdown on Battlestar Galactica , and now he’ll be taking on Superman himself in season eight of Smallville. According to Witwer, his newly introduced regular character, Davis “Doomsday” Bloome, starts out as a good guy who has designs on Ms. Chloe herself , but before too long his romantic quest is interrupted by waking nightmares that bode not well for Chloe, Davis, Clark or Metropolis at large.

Sam witwer and allison mack dating. Inside that, secret lists the collateral she was told to hand over. Bear dating mind not all collateral needs to.

She also allegedly gave Raniere naked photos of the slaves. The group, which was founded by Raniere, was first exposed in a New York Times feature. The CW. She was born to American parents in West Germany, where her father was performing as an opera singer. On her personal site , Allison explains that alleged cult leader Raniere has been her mentor for many years. She was so impressed, she sought him out to help in her study of acting and music.

In , they created a curriculum together that is taught by Allison and others at private arts academy, The Source. Allison dated actor Chad Krowchuk from to She was then engaged to fellow Smallville star, Sam Witwer, in , though they reportedly called it off a year later.

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The group, founded by a man named Keith Raniere, was first exposed in a New York Times feature last year. Believe it or not, Allison admitted to the branding, and even took credit for the horrifying idea! The CW. She was born to American parents in West Germany, where her father was performing as an opera singer. On her personal site , Allison explains that alleged cult leader Keith Raniere has been her mentor for many years. She was so impressed, she sought him out to help in her study of acting and music.

Allison Mack () – Sam and his Smallville co-star Allison Mack began dating in They got engaged in April but, called it quits a year later in.

Among the many crimes for which they were indicted, the members were accused of sex trafficking. In April , Mack herself plead guilty , as she recruited female members for the sole purpose of becoming sex slaves for Raniere. On Wednesday, the jury deliberated for less than five hours before finding Raniere guilty on all charges, which included sex trafficking, conspiracy and possession of child pornography.

The cult operated using Nxivm as a front. The organization claimed to aid members in self-improvement, something that Raniere maintained throughout the six-week trial. His defense team also maintained that any and all sex acts performed were consensual and cited text and other messages between Raniere and the former members of the cult. Several former members testified to witnessing women being branded with Raniere’s initials in a mock dungeon and being forced to engage in acts of a sexual nature.

The slave members, some of which were as young as 15 years old, were coerced by the female masters to take humiliating photos and offer other compromising material that Raniere could use as collateral in order to ensure submission and secrecy. Upon hearing the verdict, a round of applause was reportedly given to the prosecution team by former members of the cult.

Sam witwer and allison mack dating

Allison Mack is currently married to Nicki Clyne. The couple started dating in and have been together for around 3 years, 1 month, and 15 days. She also appeared in the film Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. They began dating sometime in She is a Virgo and he is a Aquarius.

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She was pleaded guilty for the racketeering charges in the year Maybe you know about Allison Mack very well, but do you know how old and tall is she and what is her net worth in ? Allison is the daughter of Jonathan and Mindy Mack. Her father was an opera singer. She was born in Germany to the American parents, and later they moved to America when she was two years old.

She has two siblings named Robyn and Shannon. Mack also worked as the child model.


For ten years, Smallville chronicled the adolescence and adulthood of the boy from Kansas who would become the Man of Steel, Clark Kent. Whether he was roaming the halls of Smallville High School or making a name for himself on the floor of the Daily Planet, Clark showed his superheroic tendencies from a very young age, surrounding himself with the best and worst of people in the process.

Some of the people in Clark’s life knew him much longer than others, including some high school friends who did him more ill than good. Other people came in and out of his life, causing chaos as they went, while some would turn out to be his greatest enemies and his greatest love. Given how much of Clark’s life the series covered, hundreds of actors were cast as the people he encountered on a daily basis.

However, some of those casting choices were clearly much better than others, while some of them harmed the show as a whole.

Sam Witwer is one busy guy. Not only is he the lead role in the very popular Syfy series ‘Being Human’ playing the character Aidan, but, as you will read below.

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